Words from our valued clients

I had the pleasure of having Dr Felicity Adams work with my son Charles who has autism and I cannot praise her skills highly enough. Felicity’s knowledge and determination in working with my son have had a profound effect in his life. To this day I am thankful for the day she walked through our door.

We have undertaken ABA therapy at home for 18 months. Child Matters have given us a comprehensive program that has adapted and evolved as our son has progressed. 

The program was able to support him in his learning and prepare him for kindy so he was ready to fly from day 1. Once at kindy, we were able to continue the home program to support and expand his learning at school. Having the therapy program at home allowed our son to apply his new skills in his home environment and in his family relationships, which has been invaluable to us as a family.

Having an individualized, tailored program has worked amazingly well for our son - he’s progressed at his own pace, focusing on his own areas of need. The support he’s received from Felicity and his therapy assistants has been invaluable in all areas of his development and, as a bonus, he’s developed strong, trusting relationships with them.

Our son has come so far over the last 2 years. We are so proud of him and thankful that he has a team that supports him so fully.

We started out with a 2 & half year old boy with no language, aggressive behaviour & sadly with such enormous frustration that he was often banging his head against the floor.
Thankfully we were blessed with the very knowledgeable and professional Dr Felicity Adams who swiftly put an ABA Therapy Program together, trained up some therapy assistants, along with us as parents, to be able to deliver the program for our Son.
This program and style of teaching was the best thing that could have ever happened. Finally Jarvis was given the opportunity to learn in a way that he was able to cope with and understand. Within a few months Jarvis was starting to speak words and was gradually becoming better able to communicate his needs, which in turn began to reduce some of his frustration and assist with behavioural issues.
It was so wonderful to see our boy learning so much – he had to be taught everything from scratch and this one on one structured way of teaching made this possible. We also really like the way his progress was documented, this helped us to see exactly how & where he was going.
Teaching a child with Autism is a slow process, however with tiny steps, patient and loving people around them, the potential for these children is enormous!
Today our 14 year old boy is fully verbal, gaining more & more independence every day, and with assistance is attending main stream school. He is well received by his peers and we are often told what a delightful and well-mannered boy he is.
We are eternally grateful to Dr Adams for all that she has done and continues to do to give our Son a happy and positive life! Infact we would dread to think what the outcome could have been had we not taken her advice and ran with the ABA program she recommended.
Good luck families – the hard work and effort put in is well worth it!

Tish & Leo

Felicity and the team at Child Matters have been working with our son Jaiden since he was first diagnosed with ASD. In those early days, Felicity’s understanding of the complexities of ASD together with her supportive nature towards our whole family was of great comfort. Felicity’s positive outlook for Jaiden’s potential helped us to view Jaiden’s disability optimistically and it is not possible to put into words how valuable this can be. Over the years Felicity and her team have worked with us to assist and support Jaiden and are valuable members of ‘Team Jaiden’. Their pragmatic, solution based problem solving approach has helped Jaiden to achieve not only our perceived goals, but far beyond this. Jaiden’s journey navigating our complex world is tricky with many bumps along the way. However, the ongoing support and therapy provided by Child Matters has a significant impact on Jaiden’s ever developing ability to learn, and successfully apply, the tools he requires to be a valued member of his school and wider community. Jaiden has to work hard day after day to overcome his challenges but his continued improvement is a testimony to the wonderful people in Team Jaiden and we are truly grateful that Child Matters is a very active part of this team.

The Scott Family.

Our family of three children, all on the autism spectrum, have been lucky enough to receive services from Child Matters in Busselton.
Felicity and her team of therapists have been both professional and friendly, always going above & beyond to help.
Each child has had a specific ABA intervention programme tailored to their needs and we have seen progress with all our kids in around 3-6 months from starting each programme.  
We have had an ongoing relationship with the Child Matters team for 8 years now and would highly recommend them for any families looking for assistance with their children.